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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 20:14

Blacklist Royals have a new album coming out this summer called "Die Young With Me" and to get warmed up they have embarked on a two-month tour across the States with  Face To Face and Teenage Bottlerocket. If you can be at one of the shows, don't hesitate... it should be one hell of a party! Here's an email interview we did with Nat...

PRT: You just started a two-month tour yesterday that will take you all across the States. Are you off to a good start?
Nat: So far so good, Rob and I have actually been on the road for a few weeks.  We met up with the rest of the band in Oklahoma City, rehearsed for a few days, played a few shows, then met up with the Face To Face tour in Reno.  But like I said, so far everything is running smooth and has been great.

PRT: How does one pack for two months on the road?
Nat: Lots of black t-shirts haha.  I'm always horrible about packing for tour, I always forget something and I always end up losing a ton of stuff along the way.  Like I forgot my glasses, had someone mail them to me, then sat on them and broke them yesterday, but that kind of shit just comes with the territory.

PRT: What are some of the things you can’t leave home without?
Nat: Ironically I would answer my glasses because I'm blind as hell but like I just said I broke them yesterday haha.  Just the standard stuff, lots of hats, etc.  I don't really have any tour rituals or good luck charms that I bring with me.  In a van and trailer we're kind've limited on space so I do my best to keep it to a minimum.

PRT: Is there one show in particular you look forward to playing? If so, why is that?
Nat: I'm really looking forward to the NYC shows because it's my birthday.  I played Gramercy with Face To Face once on their acoustic tour and it was awesome, so I'm sure with the package the shows will be nuts.  On top off that, it's New York City, who would've be stoked to hang out there?

PRT: You’ll be on the road with Face To Face and Teenage Bottlerocket… so who asked who out?
Nat: Ha!  We were definitely the last one asked to the prom on this bill, but it's a pretty great package.  I already know the Bottlerocket dudes, and I know the guys in Face To Face, so there was no "breaking the ice" type situations, it was just like jumping on tour with a bunch of friends, it's been awesome so far, definitely the most laid back tour I've even been on.

PRT: Suppose there’s only one beer left in the cooler, which one of the other two bands would you not want to fight over that beer?
Nat: I don't want to fight either of them!  All the FTF dudes are twice my size and the Bottlerocket guys are nuts, I don't want to see that side of them haha.

PRT: You have a new album coming out this summer called “Die Young Like Me”. What can you already tell us about it?
Nat: "Die Young With Me" is a concept LP.  My twin brother/our drummer Rob is a cancer survivor, he got diagnosed when he was a teenager and it's had a huge impact on the two of us.  It was something we never really touched on musically, but when we started pooling songs together for this record they were all kind've revolving around that, so we just decided to try to write a record around it (hence the title).  So basically the album opens during that time in our lives, then stretches out up until today.  It's definitely been a new thing, to write about topics so personal to us, but I think it will pay off in the end, and that it will be something fans can really connect with.

PRT: How does it compare to “Semper Liberi”?
Nat: While there are a few familiar sounds, it's a whole new animal from our first album.  We wrote "Semper Liberi" such a long time ago, and while I think it's a good album for what it is, the new record is just a new thing.  I think people who liked "Semper Liberi" will like the new one, but I also think a lot of people who overlooked the first album will dig the new one, and I can't wait for people to hear it.

PRT: Why should people come check out this tour? You have 30 seconds to sell it starting… now!
Nat: One of the best punk bands ever, one of the biggest up and coming bands out there today, and us haha.  It's really a great show, I watch it every night and am always stoked, we're in good company on this bill, so come hang out!

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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