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Nothing Blues
Typesetter Nothing Blues Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 20:49
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Chicago, IL indie-punks, Typesetter, have announced their upcoming sophomore full-length, Nothing Blues, due out October 26th from 6131 Records (Julien Baker, Touche Amore, Joyce Manor).

Nothing Blues marks a sonic shift for Typesetter as they explore vibrant new dynamic territory without sacrificing the anthemic punk backbone that's been turning heads on their recent tours supporting Against Me! and Speedy Ortiz. The band's expanded sound inadvertently coincides with Nothing Blues' lyrical theme of opening up to more positive communication. The album chronicles a tumultuous time for vocalist/guitarist, Marc Bannes, as mental health revelations forced him to reevaluate so many of his interpersonal relationships through a new lens. Nothing Blues revolves around the desire for understanding and finding the healthiest ways to achieve it, with Bannes' open-hearted storytelling offering an emotional core the Typesetter's massive choruses.


Track listing:

  1. Monogamy I (Gliss Happening)
  2. Real Conversations With Imaginary Friends
  3. Regardless
  4. See The Light
  5. Technicolor
  6. Monogamy II (Bad Actor)
  7. Only
  8. White Noise
  9. Marigold
  10. Viva