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Death From Below
Friday, February 9, 2018 - 19:37
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The three piece pop-punk band from South Texas have announced their debut full length album “Death From Below” is available for pre-order on their bandcamp page (release date 2/26/18).  The band is self-releasing the album and have also posted a video of the song “Mina Doesn’t Know,” which you can watch below.

The Palatines formed in June of 2016. Their only other release was the 4-song ep “Never Made It” (August of 2016).. The band’s influences include The Riverdales, Face To Face, The Lillingtons, The Creeps, The Ramones, Toys That Kill…


Track listing:

  1. Take It Back
  2. Ten More Minutes
  3. Dilemma
  4. Denise The Grease
  5. Gross Girl
  6. Mina Doesn't Know
  7. Demons Whispering
  8. Take A Left At Fullerton
  9. Illuminatty Lite
  10. Take The Reins
  11. Burnt Out By Xmas
  12. Falling Off
  13. Grave Misfortune
  14. Run Red
  15. Girl In The Ocean