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This Place You Know
One Step Closer This Place You Know Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 10:56
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Hardcore upstarts One Step Closer have announced their debut full-length, This Place You Know, due out September 24th from Run For Cover Records. Since their start only a few years ago the young Wilkes Barre, PA-based band have been steadily gaining momentum with a passionate and anthemic style of hardcore that's made them stand out from the pack. On This Place You Know the band fulfills that promise and builds on it with their most urgent and compelling set of songs to date.  

This Place You Know was born out of a period of transition and upheaval for the members of One Step Closer (Savitski, guitarist Grady Allen, drummer Tommy Norton, bassist Brian Talipan, and guitarist Ross Thompson). The album interrogates the notion of home with Savitski's openhearted lyrics exploring what happens when the things that grounded you suddenly change or cease to be there. The loss of family, dissolving relationships, and the mental toll of a dark period informs the record's ten tracks of towering guitars and pummeling drums, with moments of soaring melody breaking through like a hope for better things on the horizon. It's a powerful statement intent from one of the most exciting new bands in aggressive music, and One Step Closer are just getting started. 


Track listing:

  1. I Feel So
  2. Lead To Gray
  3. Leave Me Behind
  4. Home For The Night
  5. Pringle Street
  6. Hereafter
  7. Time Spent, Too Long
  8. Autumn
  9. Chrysanthemum
  10. As The City Sleeps