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Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception
The Hope Conspiracy Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 19:35
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The Hope Conspiracy have returned with their long-awaited new full-length album, Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception.  Incoming May 31 from Deathwish Inc., the album is true sonic violence aimed at political division, economic manipulation, war profiteering, media propaganda and other vile forms of global oppression.  An ominous soundtrack to the steady decline of our modern age, there is no question, The Hope Conspiracy is back to make a cold hard statement about existence in the end times.

Air rad sirens wail as the foreboding album opener "Those Who Gave Us Yesterday" explodes forth like burning shrapnel.  Vocalist Kevin Baker comments, "America's greatest export is death and destruction. The decisions and actions of our collective ancestors and past / present leaders have brought us to where we are today. The world is a college of corporations and 'profit is everything amidst a crumbling vile decay.' They don't care about your borders. They don't care about your flags. They don't care about your rights. They don't care about your beliefs. They don't care about YOU. All of those things are just tools to control and manipulate us. The elites and establishment in charge have no vision for the future other than ultimate power and total control by dividing and subdividing the masses. Our tax dollars are laundered overseas through the war machine. This is the natural order of things today. THEY DON'T CARE... Period." 

"Those Who Gave Us Yesterday" premieres alongside an equally hostile music video directed by Jake Mulhern (Mothpowder Light Show).  


Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception track list:

  1. Those Who Gave Us Yesterday
  2. The Prophets and Doom
  3. A Struggle for Power
  4. Live in Fear
  5. Shock by Shock
  6. Of a Dying Nation
  7. Confusion, Chaos, Misery
  8. Broken Vessels
  9. The West is Dead
  10. The Specter Looms