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Princess Feedback
The Dreaded Laramie Princess Feedback Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, May 9, 2024 - 19:52
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Nashville femmecore four-piece The Dreaded Laramie have announced their debut full-length album, 'Princess Feedback,' which arrives on July 5th via Smartpunk Records. The album heralds a confident shift in attitude which is, in no small part, an outcome of the group’s partnership with Grammy-winning producer Dave Schiffman (PUP, Vampire Weekend, Bayside). In his hands, The Dreaded Laramie push their sound into new territory. Note the textural wall of sound that announces “Life Is Funny” and a hitherto unheard fierce growl from the normally restrained MC  at the track’s halfway mark.

Princess Feedback follows on the heels of the group’s 2019 self-titled debut EP and the 2022 EP Everything A Girl Could Ask. While the trademark infectious hooks of those releases are as present as always, this full-length outing finds them writ larger and more ambitious than ever.

Perhaps it’s the result of the previously scattered members all now coalescing in Nashville, Tennessee, or maybe it's the 60+ dates spent on the road over the last year, either way, the band have never sounded as boldly realized as they do on Princess Feedback. After years of dropping singles and EPs that showed tightly packed sonic hints of what was to come, The Dreaded Laramie are now ready to show you their whole world; from audacious melodies, to unvarnished vulnerability, from artful craft, to unbridled energy.

In the words of bassist Drew Swisher, “I think it sounds like a confetti cannon blast of repressed emotion. And I want people to feel like they have rockets on their Heelys, blasting them forward when they listen to it.”


Princess Feedback track listing:

  1. Mess
  2. Breakup Songs
  3. Life Is Funny
  4. Happiness
  5. I Should Go
  6. Fishnets
  7. Communion
  8. Easy
  9. Birmingham Bulls Win!
  10. Where’s My Crystal Ball?