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Tales Of Interest
Monday, March 20, 2017 - 22:55
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“The Dopamines have a well-won reputation as a party band, and for leaving a trail of destruction, heartbreak, frustration and despair in their wake, but at their core they're just a trio of happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, responsible and respectable young Americans who represent everything that is wonderful and admirable about our nation's heartland. Right? Well, maybe, sort of....” - Larry Livermore (Author/ Former owner of Lookout Records)

THE DOPAMINES return with their first record in five years! TALES OF INTEREST sees the Ohio band return with your next dose of hard hitting, fast acting punk fucking rock!  

Earlier this month, the band announced their return with a cryptic video teaser. Today the band follows up that cryptic tease with your first brand new dose of Dopamines music with the release of “Ire” on this week's Anxious and Angry podcast, hosted by Ryan Young of Off With Their Heads fame.

Why the hell did it take so long for a follow up to 2012's acclaimed VICES? Guitarist and vocalist Jon Lewis joked, “Mostly because we're extremely lazy!” He quickly added, “Our lives became a little more predictable, like careers and families and stuff. We stayed as productive as possible given our new lower middle class outlook on life, but you know, fams before hams, careers before beers!”

“We weren't trying to take our time with it or anything but the inability for us to get together on a consistent basis actually helped with some of the more terrible ideas I had for songs.” [Laughter]

This is the band's first record for Rad Girlfriend Records, owned by Josh Goldman, who plays in The Raging Nathan. Josh joined the Dopamines in 2013, Tales of Interest is his first appearance as the band's second guitarist. “I love being in The Dopamines! Of all the bands I am in, they let me record and let me be a part of the whole process.”

Lewis feels that Goldman has been a great addition to the band, “He kept the morale high when we were convinced we were never putting out another record. Josh slayed in the studio, We treat recording like idiot college kids treat spring break. We just get drunk and throw stuff. And Josh fit in perfectly. Not only did he take a huge load of my shoulders, but he added a lot of shit that elevated our shitty songs, all while slamming bottles of cold duck. Super clutch.”

Tales of Interest is the record that Lewis has always wanted to make. “It's super fucking angry and super fucking aggressive. It exceeded all my expectations and I have ZERO criticism. It was a lot of fun writing a bunch of crazy shit and then tweaking it with Michael, Jon, and Josh to make sure it didn't stray too far off the reservation.”