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La Leggenda di Chong Li
Devils Teeth La Leggenda di Chong Li Punk Rock Theory
Friday, March 5, 2021 - 08:17
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Milwaukee-based garage rockers Devils Teeth will release their new album, 'La leggenda di Chong Li,' on April 2 via Triple Eye Industries.

The new album from Devils Teeth is a spaghetti western garage rock operetta inspired by the character Chong Li from the martial arts film Bloodsport. Self-recorded, largely in a barn-turned-art space next to an insect-infested forest on the outskirts of Milwaukee, La leggenda di Chong Li sprung from the cinematic mind of guitarist/vocalist Jon Hanusa (Jonny Canine, Jonny Glissando), was produced under the keen direction of bassist/vocalist Eric Arsnow (Eric Incisor, Erico Bello), is driven by the unparalleled rhythmic prowess of percussionist/drummer Chuck Engel (Chuck Molar, Chazz Bolognese), and is augmented with the melodic saxophone contortions of Caleb Westphal (il Snaggletoots).