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Couplet LPI Punk Rock Theory
Friday, September 17, 2021 - 19:40
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For the first time, Tanner Jones is slowing down. After nine years of moving fast with his Florida punk band, You Blew It!, and four years since they called it quits, Jones makes his return to music with Couplet. Joined by past collaborators Evan Weiss (Into it. Over it.) and Adam Beck (Sincere Engineer), the project's debut LP1 introduces a more gentle, careful, and intricate sort of songwriting––especially for those more accustomed to hearing Jones backed by a maximalist adrenaline rush of guitars and crashing drums.

“The anxiety of now having empty space where there were three guitars seems like a nightmare,” Tanner laughs. “But all music is just noise and space and the way that the sounds interact with the empty space.”



  1. The Dregs
  2. Sold Our Shirts
  3. Old Elba
  4. The Throngs Of It
  5. Clamour
  6. Forage
  7. Irons
  8. Page
  9. Mistresses All
  10. Sleep
  11. Raehn St