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I'll Figure This Out
Barely Civil I'll Figure This Out Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 18:44
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"I’ll Figure This Out," Barely Civil’s sophomore full-length, offers temporary solutions to this existential concern. With Chris Teti (TWIABP, Fiddlehead) joining as producer, the band’s massive live energy translates into concise, yet expansive arrangements. “Box for My Organs” slams sonic triumph against plainspoken self-doubt. Grief and guilt are on the same plane in “Bottom of the Lake,” while the band contemplates the sustainability of burning their twenties at both ends on “The Worst Part of December.”

“I feel like our music revolves around the process of analyzing who we are and where we come from,” Erickson explains. “Possibly, even, where we belong.” I’ll Figure This Out attempts to answer those questions while turning completely inward. It’s a darker chapter in a constantly evolving discography. The only way out, it seems, is through.


Track listing:

  1. ...For Now
  2. Bottom of the Lake
  3. Graves Avenue
  4. North Newhall
  5. Hollow Structures
  6. Box for My Organs
  7. Fairmount
  8. The Worst Part of December
  9. I Woke Up Laughing
  10. ...Forever