Tusky share new single 'Lights Out'
Tusky share new single 'Lights Out'
Friday, January 26, 2024 - 12:40
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Dutch punk rock band Tusky releases new single 'Lights Out,' a short but powerful blast of melodic hardcore that sounds like Dave Grohl fronting 'Wake The Dead era Comeback Kid.

Anyone who has ever seen a Tusky live show will understand why the band is known as one of the most energetic bands in the Netherlands. During the upcoming tour, that party will be even bigger, because Michiel van Iersel (Mayleaf, No Turning Back, Kings of Schrobbeler) will join Tusky on guitar, so that Vlad can completely focus on the vocals - and the circle pits of course.

With the upcoming album Tusky goes back to its core. They have grown enormously in terms of songwriting and by building their own recording studio they have given themselves the space to spend all their time on what really matters in the end: the songs.