Bayline share new single 'Ignore The Devil'
Bayline share new single 'Ignore The Devil'
Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 16:30
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Dutch rock/punk band Bayline has shared their new single, ‘Ignore The Devil,’ out now on Suburban Records (Tusky, Mayleaf, Two And A Half Girl).

Formed during the pandemic when everything was grinding to a halt to let off some steam, the five members of Bayline have come together to write catchy, melodic and raw punk/rock that taps from the same vein as Rise Against, older Thrice, Foo Fighters and Dutch legends Face Tomorrow.

In July 2022, the band released their first single Beggars Can Be Choosers. This single was well picked up by audiences and playlists. With the second single Bleeding Hearts, the band gained more followers. After the third single Marooned, the band released their first EP in September 2022 on White Russian Records. In this period they also played their first shows with Antillectual, Wonk Unit (UK), Mayleaf, Two and a Half Girl, Boni Macaroni while also headlining the small hall of the Duketown Rebelfest and playing their first show in Germany.