Fuzz rockers Mayleaf release new single 'Anyone Else'
Fuzz rockers Mayleaf release new single 'Anyone Else'
Friday, February 9, 2024 - 10:28
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Fuzz rockers Mayleaf have release their new single, 'Anyone Else,' out now on Suburban Records.

“If only I was anyone else”, then everything would be easier, better or at least fixable, for that matter. Anyone Else addresses bargaining in its purest form: literally trying to give anything to not have to face oneself. Musically, Anyone Else radiates panic and hopelessness, while lyrically, it’s as straight-forward as it comes, visualizing how everything is spiraling out of control down to Shakespearean levels: “My kingdom for a taste of recovery.”

Mayleaf is an alternative grunge/rock band that vibes on huge sounding fuzz & 90’s tunes. Poppy sounds that emerge from low rumbling telecasters, kicking out jams straight from the garage. The rehearsal space is drenched in inspirational bands such as Weezer, Drug Church & Bayside.