Thrice releases new track 'Open Your Eyes and Dream'
Thrice releases new track 'Open Your Eyes and Dream'
Sunday, October 2, 2022 - 10:32
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Thrice have shared their newest single “Open Your Eyes and Dream,” out now via Epitaph Records. With a heavy bassline and scorching vocals, the new track carries Thrice’s unique brand of self-awareness that keeps listeners coming back for me.

On the new single, vocalist Dustin Kensrue shares, “It’s so very easy to believe that big systemic issues can’t change because we’ve lived with them our whole lives. But if you look back and zoom out a bit it’s easy to see that this feeling of permeance and inevitability is just an illusion. Most things seem impossible until they happen. This song is about opening our eyes to that reality, and being willing to dream something better into existence.”

“Open Your Eyes and Dream” follows Thrice’s acclaimed album Horizons/East, released in September 2021 via Epitaph Records. The album conveys a palpable sense of danger, determination, and possibility and exemplifies art as a work of recognition — the human task of perceiving oneself amid details, disasters, and blessings as a relentlessly relational phenomenon among others. In this, Horizons/East is the rare rock album on which interrelatedness is a theme, painting an adventurous and lush landscape mixed by Scott Evans that the band self-produced and recorded at their own New Grass Studio.