Ten reasons why you need to get your ass to Brakrock
Sunday, July 12, 2015 - 11:18
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In case you're not quite convinced  just yet to go to Brakrock on August 1, we've come up with ten convincing arguments why you need to get your ass to Brakrock!

  1. Buy your ticket now and it will cost you just 15 €. That’s less than one euro per band. Which leaves you with plenty of drinking money. Unless you had no money to start with. Then you’ll have to stay at home and we will drink in your honor. Not really, but I bet it made you feel better for a second, right?
  2. Bands? There are bands playing? Yes, there are… and some damn good ones too, including Teenage Bottlerocket, The Decline, Get Dead, The Setup, The Priceduifkes, Tim Vantol and plenty more from all over the place.
  3. If all of those bands aren’t quite enough yet because partying is a way of life for you, then you can hop on the bus after Brakrock and party on all the way to Punk Rock Holiday for even more bands.
  4. Or you can stay for the rad afterparty with NØFX!
  5. Brakrock is an ecological festival. This means you can hang out, drink and watch punkrock bands all day long without feeling guilty for not trying to save a tree instead. You’re already doing your part. Go green!
  6. The festival’s two stages are beautifully set next to a river and a castle ruin. Ideal for romantic tête-à-têtes and umm, hauntings?
  7. Did we already mention that Teenage Bottlerocket is playing?
  8. Next to being an ecological festival, Brakrock is also very much about fair trade. Which is why they work with Oxfam. Pretty sweet, right?
  9. There’s a longboard pushrace. If you’re not sure what this entails exactly, just know that it is a chance to see plenty of people break their faces.
  10. Come to think of it, there is no tenth reason. But you should come anyway, because otherwise you’ll have to spend the day with the guy who couldn’t afford to go. And his mom.