System Restore share video for 'Wash Your Hands'
System Restore share video for 'Wash Your Hands'
Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 12:25
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System Restore are back with a new 4-song EP, User Friendly Fire, released via Sell The Heart Records.  The band released a video for lead single, 'Wash Your Hands,' which acts as a comical call-to-arms given the current social climate. 

The band says, "Wash Your Hands was written by our former lead guitar player Mike Toups. He is a wicked germaphobe. When he would tour with us, he would take a gallon of hand sanitizer to every location. This song was written and recorded pre-Covid … We hope you all enjoy it. And remember to always wash your hands!"

The EP is available for digital streaming in full via all major streaming platforms, and a pre-order for two vinyl variants is up via Bandcamp or Sell The Heart's online store.