Sammy Kay releases new single 'Greyhound Bus'
Sammy Kay releases new single 'Greyhound Bus'
Saturday, June 22, 2024 - 10:46
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Sammy Kay - the weathered, soulful singer-songwriter from the shores of New Jersey always makes use of his time and his musical output speaks volumes. In 2019, he released his last full length, civil/War, and has followed that up with multiple digital singles as well as his 2023 EP titled 'Inanna'. In February 2024, his new ska band, The Kilograms, released their debut EP. This July, Sammy will release a new album titled 'July 1960' that has all the signature marks you'd expect from him.

On his new single "Greyhound Bus", Sammy reflects on days past and endless years spent touring the country. "It was New Year’s Day. I was in Nashville with slim and a couple of our buds, and we were watching the eagles play. In typical east coast fashion, we were ragging on each other. I got in the car an hour later to head back to Cincinnati and I had on repeat in my head “I was born in the back of a greyhound bus. A pack of smokes in my right hand.” I thought about it a whole bunch. The adventures of days past. 19-ish years in a van, slowly realizing “the feared, revered and the damned” was just rock and roll for all of us. A day late and a buck short, or a millionaire rich with midnight ramblings about the ride, either way...we were just born on the back of a greyhound bus."

"Greyhound Bus" is out now on digital platforms. Vinyl pre-orders are available from Sell the Heart Records (US) and Engineer Records (UK).