Sweet Teeth release music video for 'Shattered Glass Face'
Sweet Teeth release music video for 'Shattered Glass Face'
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - 21:22
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Sweden's Sweet Teeth shared a music video for the 48 second long, explosive album opener "Shattered Glass Face" off their debut EP 'Acid Rain,' which we had the pleasuring of premiering last week.

"Acid Rain" offers 7 tracks of bittersweet and straight-forward alternative rock, performed with heartwarming nostalgia and honesty. With members from a wide variety of prominent Swedish acts such as Disfear, Year of the Goat, and Dollhouse, Sweet Teeth possesses a musical certainty that is hard to deny. Blending the best sounds of the guitar-fueled ’90s with bulletproof songwriting into a collection of short, entertaining, and highly intense tracks.

Sweet Teeth's debut is out now on all streaming platforms. The mini-album is also released as a one-sided 12" vinyl.