PREMIERE: Stream Sweet Teeth's debut EP in full
PREMIERE: Stream Sweet Teeth's debut EP in full
Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 11:18
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Ready for one of the best releases you will hear this year? We are very excited to stream Sweet Teeth's debut EP 'Acid Rain' in full ahead of its release tomorrow on Lövely Records. Over the course of seven songs, the Swedish band takes the best elements of punk rock, 90's alt-rock and power pop and throws it all together to form one big pile of warm melodies, fuzzed out guitars, lyrics about heartbreak and catchy choruses. Think Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr. Yeah, those are big names to be compared to, but Sweet Teeth more than manage to live up to the expectations. And then some.

With members from prominent Swedish acts including The Deadbeats, Disfear, Dollhouse, Year Of The Goat. Tortyr and The Dontcares, Sweet Teeth possess a musical certainty that is hard to deny. Read on to see what vocalist/guitarist Andreas Axelson had to say about 'Acid Rain' and then listen to the whole thing.


PRT: You have all been or still are active in  a bunch of different bands that not only sound pretty different from one another, but also from what you are doing with Sweet Teeth. Where did the idea to start Sweet Teeth come from?

Andreas: There was no plan at all. I quietly asked Jocke (drums) if he was up for doin some demos of pretty short songs in the vein of Hüsker Dü (or at least that’s what we thought it would sound like). So we met up a couple of times, made 4 songs and recorded them in about an hour or so. That happened a couple of times and as time went by, we really wanted to make a real band of this and here we are haha

PRT: I’m hearing a lot of Bob Mould/Hüsker Dû and Dinosaur Jr throughout the seven songs that make up the EP. Is that the kind of music you grew up with?

Andreas: Yes, for sure..Along with a lot of other stuff of course. I’ve been listening to Hüsker since the late eighties and to Dinosaur since about the same time and they are really stand out from other bands in the way that they sound gritty and punky and still really melodic. It doesn’t have to be just one of the two.

PRT: Was it clear from the start that that was the sound you wanted to go for? Or was that what came out when you started writing?

Andreas: In a way it was but when Joona (bass) and Andreas (guitars) joined, everything changed. And that’s a really good thing. I mean, we still sound like those bands we’ve mentioned, but we also have our own identity since the other guys stepped in and we got to try out lots of stuff in a rehearsal enviroment and most importantly, having lots of fun. That’s really the most inspirational.


PRT: I honestly can’t pick a favorite song on the album so I figured I’d ask you. Is there one song on ‘Acid Rain’ that stands out for you for one reason or another?

Andreas: 'My heart is big and broken' stands out for myself in the way that it is basically one riff throughout the whole song, and its about a breakup but not in the traditional sense. Also 'Shattered Glass Face' because I think it's the first song we ever made?


PRT: How did you all meet up?

We´ve known each other for like forever so I honestly can’t remember haha. Through music though. That I’m sure of haha

PRT: You started the band somewhere in 2019 with the pandemic taking over the world in early 2020. Did that kind of halt work on all things Sweet Teeth? Or did you use the extra time to finetune the songs?

Andreas: Well, we’ve been around longer I’d say. But 2019 is probably when we all thought like ”hey we really got something here, maybe we should do a demo or something”. So we did. And then another demo witch is actually the EP. The guys from Lövely Records thought it sounded too good to not to be released, and looking back I really think they are right. Joona did great work with the sound on that. Finetuning isn't really our thing I guess. We don't want to overthink things. That said, this is in no way a joke to us. It's deadly serious. I think we just know really fast what a song needs.

I`d say the pandemic didn't halt things one bit. We went to Gothenburg and recorded our debut album in Welfare Studios with Per Ståhlberg (Division of Laura Lee and +1000 other bands) so that’s ready and on its way and we are also writing and demoing new material for album number 2 haha


PRT: You just mentioned that your bassist recorded the album. Was there a specific album that served as the inspiration for the sound you wanted to capture?

Andreas: I remember wanting it to sound like 'Farm' by Dinosaur Jr, but that sound that really only fits them, you know? So I would say that Joona really did all he could to pretty much sound honest and the end result is awesome I think.


PRT: In the band bio you mention small town ambitions and dreams. Having already been in other bands, do you still have dreams and ambitions for this band?

Andreas: It's the same with every band you start: you want to play a gig, do a 7”, do an album, go on tour, print a shirt and so on. My ambitions and dreams haven’t changed one bit haha


PRT: The album will be out this Friday on Lövely Records. What’s up next after that? Are you working on a tour or is it still too uncertain thanks to Covid?

Andreas: Yeah! That’s so surreal, I’m really proud of it and I hope people like it. The first reactions have been great. I’ve heard from friends they really do! I’ve gotten so many sweet messages from friends since the 'Acid Rain' song came out, it's a bit overwhelming. As I said, our debut album is ready to go and we have some gigs booked, but of course we'd like more gigs :) And we will of course do new songs along the way…if we had our way we could easily release 2 albums a year or more.