Sweden's Rotten Mind share new single 'Serpent Eyes'
Sweden's Rotten Mind share new single 'Serpent Eyes'
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 11:25
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Sweden's Rotten Mind shared their new single, ”Serpent Eyes”. The track is the first taste of the band’s upcoming fifth album ”Unflavored”, and the first new music from the band since their 2020 album “Rat City Dog Boy”. The Swedish punk rock outfit recently recruited Liz Panella (Earth Girls, Siamese Twins) as their new bass player.

”Serpent Eyes” is about feeling out of step with the world," explains Jakob Arvidsson. "Feeling like you’re an alien everywhere you go, and trying to see society in your own way to get by. It was recorded by Kristofer Jönson (Jeniferever) at studio Turbinen in Uppsala. It’s a natural develop-ment of our sound, going for a darker and bigger soundscape as you could already hear a glimps of on previous songs like “Fyrisån” or “Not One of You” from the album “Rat City Dog Boy” from 2020.”