Strawberry Fuzz share 'Wasting My Time' single
Strawberry Fuzz share 'Wasting My Time' single
Wednesday, November 23, 2022 - 08:41
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Produced by guitarist Alex Arias and the band, 'Wasting My' Time is a 3-song taste of what’s to come on Venice Beach-based indie-punk band Strawberry Fuzz’s first "proper" LP release. Building on the reaction to 2021’s collection of raw demos, Fuzztapes Vol.1, the band documents their experience in the dirty underside of LA life, from sniping at the scene kids on the east side of LA to calling out the elites of the Westside beach cities - as well as critiquing surf conditions. Strawberry Fuzz aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, more to slash the tires and Wasting My Time is a perfect introduction to their misdemeanors.

Singer Colby Rodgers describes their three new tracks as such:

"Wasting My Time" - "Just an all out aggression rant about the things that I waste my time with on a regular basis. No more, no less."

"Something" - "Wrote this song after driving back up the coast from Palos Verdes to Venice, and how cutting through each beach city reminds me of growing up in all these beach cities. Of course once I got to Manhattan beach I was reminded how irritating the city/people are."

"East Of The 405" - "Song started as a joke since all our friends say they will never go east of the 405 from Venice. We wrote the chorus while all partying at Alex’s one night. Listened to it the next day and decided to finish the track.”

Carrying on a lineage that stretches from The Doors to FIDLAR, Venice Beach indie punk band Strawberry Fuzz (est. 2020) channel their stories of parties, junkies, sex, violence and camaraderie through a bleary but keenly observant lens. Whether you’re passing out drunk on the beach or struggling to wake up from passing out drunk on the beach, they’re the soundtrack to the filth and the furriness of a blazing California summer.

Inspired by artists like The Cramps, Black Flag and The Germs as well as Elvis, RL Burnside and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Strawberry Fuzz’s manic live show was perfectly captured on their debut collection of demos Fuzztapes Vol. 1. Now back with a full length record releasing, they continue to rip up stages and whip up pits all along the West Coast, embarking on a short West Coast tour before back to LA for headline shows this winter.