The Static Age release new single 'Depths' via SBÄM Records
The Static Age release new single 'Depths' via SBÄM Records
Sunday, May 21, 2023 - 14:39
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Post-punk band The Static Age has been combining alternative, new wave, darkwave, college rock and post-punk for over 20 years. After the releases "Neon Lights Electric Lives" (2004), "Blank Screens" (2005) and "In The City Of Wandering Lights" (2011), the band's fourth album is still scheduled for release in 2023 after more than 12 years via the Austrian punk rock label SBÄM Records. Previously, a Halloween split 7" with Californian punk band Love Equals Death was released in 2020 via the label. Both bands have toured in the past with the likes of AFI, Tiger Army and Street Dogs. The new track "Depths" is reminiscent of bands like Mew and Jimmy Eat World, while singer Andrew Paley's distinctive voice is often compared to Peter Gabriel. Lyrically, the song deals with relationships and mental health once more lyrically and metaphorically. A theme that, in addition to the band's political approach, can be found in most of the songs.

In May, The Static Age will be on tour with Dead On A Sunday in the USA, a European tour - with the new album in the bag - is to follow in June 2024.