Spanish Love Songs release video for new song "Joana, In Five Acts"
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 21:38
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Spanish Love Songs have just released a music video for their new song "Joana, In Five Acts". The song comes off of their recently announced new album Schmaltz, set to be released on March 30th on A-F Records (US) and Uncle M Records (UK/Europe).

On the new record, Spanish Love Songs' songwriter Dylan Slocum delves into themes of guilt, depression, and stagnation while he tries to come to terms with his past mistakes and feeling like he hasn't yet grown past them. A quote from Slocum on writing Schmaltz can be found below.

"This album is really all about guilt, and everything that’s wrapped up in it. Guilt over being self-involved. Over being depressed and what that does to the people I love. Of not being there for others or treating them right. Of not treating myself right. Of not doing enough for people before I lost them. Of getting old and still chasing the same dreams. Of being incapable of changing.
Everything else on the album is filtered through that lens. The album is about living with the guilt, and ultimately accepting it, because sometimes it feels debilitating, especially in this day and age."