Rational Anthem are 'Through Being Punk' in new video
Rational Anthem are 'Through Being Punk' in new video
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 10:27
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Rational Anthem have shared a video for new single 'Through Being Punk'. The single comes off of the Florida born, Iowa City living pop-punk band's upcoming album  'It's Only Permanent,' set to be released November 1st on A-F Records.

Bassist Chris Hembrough says about "Through Being Punk," “The title of this songs pretty much sums it up. One of the things I’ve grown super tired of in regards to punk rock is the marriage between the music and how celebrated it is to be depressed and apathetic. I thought that was cool for a long time. It showed people you were punk. I came to realize it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to be happy, healthy, and take good care of myself. I want people around me to do well and do great things. A lot of the punk scene sells you on this dumb notion that staying angsty and sad is all just a part of it. Fuck that. As far as that stuff goes, I’m through being punk, but playing and celebrating punk music will always be a passion of mine. Put on a Tony Robbins tape and join a jazzercise class. Wanting to be happy is cool.”
Noelle Stolp, her brother Pete, and little Christopher Hembrough have been hammering it out in basements as Rational Anthem since before you were punk. With the release of their third album though – and first for A-F Records - they’re finally debuting as the band they were meant to be. Meticulously crafted, workshopped, and retooled over the course of three years (with the help and guidance of friends from Direct Hit! and The Copyrights), It’s Only Permanent showcases Rational’s full pop punk potential. Which isn’t to say it’s not only gonna get better from here – because it definitely is. Get on board now though with this fun, grimy, catchy punk rock or we’ll tell all your friends that you’re a total poser.