Spanish Love Songs release new single 'Losers 2'
Spanish Love Songs release new single 'Losers 2'
Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 07:56
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Spanish Love Songs released their new single “Losers 2”  off of their forthcoming album, "Brave Faces Everyone", which will be released on February 7, 2020 via Pure Noise Records.

Lead vocalist and songwriter, Dylan Slocum shares: “This is another case of taking what we do well and trying to focus it outwards. I’ve had plenty of people ask why the songs continue to get bleaker and bleaker, but I feel like the answer is pretty obvious. This is the world we know. It’s the world I see my friends stuck in, and that I’ve seen my family stuck in. Everyone works themselves to the bones to just survive. Not to say that we’re not incredibly privileged - I’m aware - but I wanted to look outward and just acknowledge that for the roughly 99% of us, life is an endless grind, so it’s okay to feel down on it. Like, of course you’re anxious when you could fall and hit your head and have you entire life derailed by hospital bills. So “Losers” is the anthem where we try to be defiant and throw up a middle finger - whatever, “we’re losers forever.” But this is the hangover. It’s us wrapping our heads around that grind, and feeling like we can’t escape it. And like so much of the album, it’s about trying to empathize with others over this collective gloom”.

Slocum continues to share about the record: "This album is us honing in on what we think makes our band resonate with people - namely, the feeling that you’re not alone. These are songs about looking outward and finding that, for all our differences, most of us are just trying to get by as the world is going to hell around us. We don’t have any grand ambitions beyond that - we just want people to feel acknowledged. There’s comfort in knowing we’re on the same sinking ship. We want the album to be a knowing nod and a way to make the world a slightly more bearable, even if it’s just for 40 minutes" .

The ten-track album, produced by guitarist Kyle McAulay at Howard Benson’s West Valley Recording, is steeped in the same detail-rich storytelling of Bruce Springsteen, The Menzingers and Manchester Orchestra. These songs represent the situations Slocum, McAulay, and their bandmates bassist Trevor Dietrich, drummer Ruben Duarte and keyboardist Meredith Van Woert experienced during 30-some weeks of rigorous touring during the album cycle of their previous record, "Schmaltz".