Silverstein share "Lost Positives" music video
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 14:52
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Ontario, Canada's Silverstein shared their new music video for "Lost Positives," an explosive cut from their most recent album "Dead Reflection".

"Lost Positives" is a perfect example of why Silverstein remain captivatingly urgent over 17 years into their career. The band's trademark mix of aggression and melody has been honed to an even sharper edge with bigger hooks and more impressive riffs than ever. Dead Reflection pushed the band's songwriting to new heights, but also finds vocalist, Shane Told, delving into his personal life to a greater extent than ever before. The intimate album is shaped by tumultuous and self-destructive times, and its dark tone is undeniable, but underneath is the sense of hope-within-the-hurt that has always marked Silverstein's work. This struggle recognize yourself in the midst of personal upheaval is central to the brooding video for "Lost Positives."