Screeching Weasel unveils new single from upcoming LP
Screeching Weasel unveils new single from upcoming LP
Wednesday, June 29, 2022 - 17:21
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Chicago's Screeching Weasel released their new single, 'Just Another Fool,' taken off the band's fourteenth studio album, out July 15 2022 on vinyl via Striped Records, CD via Rum Bar Records, and digitally via Monona Music.

"Sit down at the piano or with the guitar, start playing and see what happens. It's never a bad idea. That's what I did with Just Another Fool." says Ben Weasel, adding "I knew what the song was about, so it was just a matter of turning a bitter recrimination into a two and a half minute song. The chord progression and melody on the verse sets an angsty tone and builds to the release of the shouted chorus. Resentment, torment, anguish; lather, rinse, repeat. I enlisted my ten year-old son Joe to play the keyboard parts. He did such a good job we hired him to play keys on a few other songs on the album too."

Featuring the band's signature combination of super-charged snotty vocals and fast-paced distorted guitars, fans can expect a fist-pump- ing ride as well as an innovative take on the genre Screeching Weasel birthed circa 1991. Let's not forget that the band defined an entire era of pop punk, predating next wave groups like Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday and Rise Against. These days, Weasel is still pushing boundaries and poking bears.

Produced and engineered by multi-talented Mike Kennerty—who also contributes guitar to the record—the recording lineup features much the same dream team as Some Freaks of Atavism: Ben Weasel on lead vocals, Mike Hunchback on guitar, Zack Brandner on bass/backing vocals and Pierre Marche on drums. It's a powerful combination, a gang that Weasel managed to keep together despite differing residences.