Safe To Say release “Tangerine" video
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 20:42
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Toronto’s Safe To Say have released a new video for their heavy-hearted track, “Tangerine.” Produced and directed by the band themselves, along with Wyatt Clough, “Tangerine” depicts some of the very real and often tragic moments that come between being a teenager and finally growing up.

"A big part of bringing Down In The Dark to life was SideOneDummy Records giving us, as a band, as much creative freedom and control as we wanted. With this video we wanted to do the same,” explains singer/guitarist Brad Garcia. “Tangerine is about reaching that final point of adolescence, the transition into adulthood. We tried our best to show the nitty gritty parts of the high school experience while still making something fun that you'd want to watch again.”