Rancid share video for new single 'Devil In Disguise'
Rancid share video for new single 'Devil In Disguise'
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 17:12
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Today, Rancid deliver a warning to us all with new single and accompanying music video, “Devil In Disguise.” Ahead of their new album ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ out on June 2nd, they pair melodic riffs and a galloping rhythm with gruff sing-along vocals that carry a message of self-preservation.Produced by longtime collaborator, Brett Gurewitz, the sixteen blistering tracks that make up 'Tomorrow Never Comes' barely make the two-and-a-half-minute mark, boasting the same gritty, straightforward punk-with-a-purpose that the world just can’t get enough of.

Throughout the last three decades, Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to their community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend and inspiration to punk bands that have come after.