PREMIERE: The Two Tens share new song ‘Gotta Find Something’ off upcoming split with The Queers
PREMIERE: The Two Tens share new song ‘Gotta Find Something’ off upcoming split with The Queers
Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 08:44
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We are happy to premiere 'Gotta Find Something,' the newest song by the duo known as The Two Tens. 'Gotta Find Something' is taken off the band's upcoming 4-song split with the Queers, which will be out tomorrow on ProRawk Records (US) and SBAM Records (Europe).

“Rikki had the idea of getting in touch with Joe about possibly doing a split with them. I was totally on board", says guitarist/vocalist Adam Bones about the split. "She reached out and once he gave us the green light, we were really excited to get in the studio and record the songs for the project. Rikki Styxx (drums/backing vocals) adds that “It was so fun getting to text back n’ forth with Joe Queer to figure out all the split details. I feel like we became a real family.”  

About 'Gotta Find Something': 

“'Gotta Find Something' is a fun song about someone that just isn't satisfied unless there's a problem or issue of some sort. Someone that's always focusing on the negative. We all probably know someone like that.”

The Two Tens have racked up a lot of accomplishments since the release of their first EP, Volume 1, including three additional EPs, the full-length LP Volume, four US tours and a run through Italy and Spain. Not to mention that the 12-song Volume album yielded 7 fully-realized videos, all made on DIY budgets funded solely by the band, as was the production of the first album.

The duo’s DIY pursuits were funded the old-fashioned way: hard work, playing local gigs and selling handmade custom merch. After releasing their four EPs digitally, the band spearheaded a very successful PledgeMusic campaign to release the full-length on CD, so impressing Man Della Records in the process that the label stepped up to release Volume on 12-inch clear vinyl.

Since then, The Two Tens have signed with Man Della, and released their second album, On Repeat, on 8/18/17. For On Repeat they tracked 3 songs in Minneapolis with producer John Fields (Dollyrots, Andrew WK, Pink), including “Keeping Hope Alive,” the lead-off single released on 2/10/17. The LP was finished in Los Angeles with the Volume team of producer Bruce Duff and engineer Paul Roessler, with Fields mixing.

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