Venerea release new single 'A Case Of Corona'
Venerea release new single 'A Case Of Corona'
Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 17:11
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Following the announcement of their new album, Swedish punk rock band Venerea are back with their new single, 'A Case Of Corona,' which tells the fictional story of a - let's say - special relationship with the Covid-19 infection. Telling stories is what Venerea do in their music.

"A Case Of Corona highlights a positive side effect of Covid (for a-holes.) It describes a relationship running on empty, so the narrator fantasizes about his partner getting sick so that he can feel needed again.", says the band about the new song.

"Practice at empathizing with fictional idiots is only one reason why listening to skate punk will make you a better person. Physical fitness is another, since the cracking tune will surely make you want to jump about enthusiastically", explains the band further.