PREMIERE: The Skullingtons share video for 'Highschool of the Dead'
PREMIERE: The Skullingtons share video for 'Highschool of the Dead'
Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 16:57
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We are happy to premiere the new video by The Skullingtons for the song ‘Highschool of the Dead’. Directed, shot, cut and edited by Rocky Skullington, the video finds the band fighting off a zombie horde with the same amount of passion they have used to earn their place in the Scandinavian underground scene since their inception almost six years ago.

About the song/video:

“Like any punk rock band with any credibility, we had to have a zombie song that has "...of the Dead" in the title. Inspired by the anime of the same name, the song and music video for "Highschool of the Dead" tells the tale of a zombie outbreak at a highschool in The Skullingtons’ hometown Honefoss. It was filmed in black and white as an homage to George A. Romero’s classic zombie movie "Night of the Living Dead". In true punk rock fashion, it was shot, cut, edited and completed in one day. A special thanks goes out to supernumerary/make up artist/camerawoman Inger Frøyshov and supernumerary/camerawoman Martine Haug Hansen for their assistance.”

With their "less is more" mentality, three chords, four flat, sing-along choruses, catchy melodies and a never-ending supply of raw punk rock energy, The Skullingtons have toured relentlessly and stolen the hearts of the Scandinavian crowd. And you better watch out, because they have now set their eyes on the rest of the world.

The band’s first full length record, simply titled "En" (Norwegian for one), will be released on Monster Zero Record in the near future.