PREMIERE: Quaker Wedding share video for new single 'Vintage Dress'
PREMIERE: Quaker Wedding share video for new single ‘Vintage Dress’
Monday, February 14, 2022 - 19:38
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We are very happy to premiere the video for New York City punk rock band Quaker Wedding’s latest single ‘Vintage Dress,’ taken off  the band’s second album ‘Total Disarray,’ out April 15 on Salinas Records (pre-order). Kicking off with a guitar sound that will take you back to Jawbreaker’s “Dear You”, the song picks at the scars of a painful divorce that bassist Marco Reosti thought had already mostly healed.

"I always loved the first few Replacements videos where you saw little to nothing of the band, so I think we sort of stole a bit of the look from that. Similarly, I also loved the Miller High Life commercials that Errol Morris made in the 1990s where they were shot so that the focus was rarely on the actors' faces,” says Reosti about the video. So with those two in mind our drummer Dan, who is a fantastic photographer and video editor, shot some stuff in our practice space and then spliced it together with some found footage of old weddings. I like to think of the song as having bit of a slow reveal and I think Dan did a great job of having the found footage come in at the first verse. As for the song, I’ll just say it's a true story and leave it at that."

Quaker Wedding’s second LP ‘Total Disarray’ is a pandemic record, but not in the ways you might expect. Sure, there are songs like “Russian Hill” about a desire to escape the band’s home of New York City. But the pandemic also led bassist and songwriter Marco Reosti to temporarily living in his hometown of Detroit during the summer of 2020. As the summer ended Reosti returned to New York armed with a new batch of songs and began working on them with drummer Dan Edleman and guitarist Ryan Felton.

After months of practice, the band started recording in the spring of 2021 with John Meredith, who also recorded the band’s first record, 2020’s In Transit. Ultimately, the finished product is a statement of how fragile our lives can be and how quickly it can all fall apart.