PREMIERE: New Junk City stream new song 'Come Tomorrow'
PREMIERE: New Junk City stream new song 'Come Tomorrow'
Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 15:59
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- by Tom Dumarey

One of the best bands I have come across in the last couple of months, is Atlanta's louder-than-they-need-to-be New Junk City. If you are into the likes of The Menzingers, Against Me! or The Gaslight Anthem, there is no way you are not going to like New Junk City. They are the kind of band that made me get into punk rock. Tons of energy, big hooks, gruff yet melodic vocals and a rhythm section that doesn't just pound you on your ass, but instead helps lift the song to the next level. So I am especially excited to get to premiere their new song 'Come Tomorrow'.

The song is taken off of the band's upcoming sophomore full-length 'Same Places,' a collection of nine ripping songs that I can relate to. I mean, getting older is not always equally fun. All the stuff you loved doing gets slowly replaced by paying the bills and things you didn't even think about twice before, like going to a show, changed into something that has to be carefully planned in. They sing about the fear of being stuck, fear of being alone and fear of loss.

Or as John Vournakis says about 'Come Tomorrow':

"In my experience, the biggest tragedy when someone close to you dies are all the things left undone, life cut short. We're left to try to contextualize and give meaning to their lives in their absence. It's also about escaping the stranglehold of where and who we come from; not settling for the boring, unspectacular life of the people next door."

'Same Places' will be out Oct 12 via Night Animal Records & Secret Pennies Records in the US and Real Ghost Records for the rest of the world.