Say It Anyway (ft. members of Save Your reath & The Run Up) share debut single
Say It Anyway (ft. members of Save Your reath & The Run Up) share debut single
Friday, September 10, 2021 - 14:51
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UK band Say It Anyway shared their debut single, 'Moments'. Check it out below.

The band formed during the summer of 2021, after Loz, Charlie, Daniel and Stu's previous band, THE RUN UP came to an end. However, four of the five members of THE RUN UP decided to carry on making music together, taking the songs and ideas they already had for their next record. But they needed to find themselves a singer for this new project, which is were former Save Your Breath vocalist Kristian Richards comes in. The band met and jammed and after a couple of sessions writing and getting to know each other, it was clear that it was a perfect fit.

"It all came together pretty quickly, to be honest. We spent 12 months writing and demoing new songs for The Run Up which unfortunately didn't pan out as we had planned." reflects bassist Daniel Baker. "The four of us wanted to continue the journey. To make some more music, hit the road and make friends in new places. We weren't ready to let that go. So we decided to start a new project... Unbeknown to me, my fiancée is friends with Kris. When I finally put 2 + 2 together and realised he was the singer from Save Your Breath, I knew it would be the perfect fit so approached him. Luckily things fell into place pretty quick from that point. We cannot wait to get these songs out there and play some shows. We are so stoked about how things are sounding; its coming together like our dream sound."

Having collectively played well over 400 shows across more than 20 countries the members of SAY IT ANYWAY are no strangers to putting in the hard miles. With their previous projects having toured alongside and shared the stage with heavyweights such as New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Saves The Day, Neck Deep, Spanish Love Songs and The Story So Far, the band have notched up some great experiences and are ready for more.