PREMIERE-ISH: Steadfast share video for 'Old Scars'
PREMIERE-ISH: Steadfast share video for 'Old Scars'
Friday, February 26, 2021 - 13:19
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We are happy to premiere the video for 'Old Scars,' one of the standout songs on Steadfast's latest album, 'Transmitters'. Originally released back in July during the height of a global pandemic, the album did not get the potential reach that it deserved. Which is a shame because the song - along with the other ten songs that make up the album - is the kind of raucous yet optimistic anthem that we can all use now. Punctuated by razor-sharp guitar solos, thundering drums, propulsive Rock and Roll and filled to the brim with honesty and integrity.

Guitar/vocalist Jason Bancroft had the following to say about the LP:

“This album embodies our DIY ethics, self- determination, and a genuine passion to share & experience life together with our chosen family. It's honest with self-doubt and self-determination. It's patient but with a sense of urgency. It's peaceful yet angry. It's punk rock. It's ours to share.”

Transmitters was released via Pine Box Derby Records on July 10th, 2020.