PREMIERE: Debt Neglector share video for new single 'Cult, Cult, Cult'
PREMIERE: Debt Neglector share video for new single 'Cult, Cult, Cult'
Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 11:45
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We are psyched to premiere the video for Debt Neglector's latest single, 'Cult Cult Cult,' which sees the Florida punks launch a scathing attack against capitalism. 'Cult Cult Cult' is the second single from the band's upcoming full length album “Dirty Water,” out Nov 5 via Smartpunk Records (pre-order). As the song title suggests, “Cult Cult Cult” is a rally cry to wake up the masses from the blind, cult-like following towards corporate greed. Check out the video below.

“Cult Cult Cult is about the segment of people in our country that have been tricked into thinking unchecked Capitalism is basically the greatest thing ever. They’ve been fooled into believing that immigrants and social programs are the reason they’re broke, instead of blaming the actual root of their problems which is the unchecked greed of the extremely wealthy and mega corporations. They look up to guys like Jeff Bezos and believe they’ve actually EARNED their money. When in reality the only way anyone can get that rich is through exploiting the labor of thousands of people and paying to bend the rules in your favor. ” - Debt Neglector

Formed in 2016, these Florida punks (featuring a member of Jade Tree / No Idea Records alumni New Mexican Disaster Squad) have spent the last 5 years honing a sound that showcases their ability to blend catchy hooks with a vicious attitude. With three releases firmly under their belt, the “Atomicland” LP (2017), “The Kids are Pissed” EP (2018), and the “Bad Faith” digital EP the band has already established themselves as a group that pulls no punches in their pursuit to call out injustice.

Musically, their influences cover a lot of familiar and legendary punk rock ground. Taking notes from punk favorites the Descendents, skatepunk heroes like NOFX, the classic sounds of the Clash, and early 80’s American hardcore, Debt Neglector aren’t afraid to put their own spin on things. Their music keeps both a reverence for the past and a foot firmly placed in the present. The end result allows the band to craft songs with ripping fast drum beats, sing along choruses, quirky chord changes, and headbanging breaks. .

Pre-orders are available now and 10% of the proceeds from physical record sales will be split evenly between Flint Kids Fund and Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV) to help youth affected by the dangerous levels of lead and toxins that were piped into their homes from the Flint River.

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