Joe McMahon announces European tour dates with Nothington
Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 08:59
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Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire will be the supporting act on Nothington’s European tour. He will also be playing bass for Nothington during the tour.
Tour dates:
Feb 23- Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Winston Kingdom (W/ Joe Mcmahon FULL BAND!)
Feb 24- Muenster, Germany @ Gleis 22 (W/ Joe Mcmahon FULL BAND!)
Feb 25- Monchengladbach, Germany (W/ Joe Mcmahon FULL BAND!) and ALL ABOARD!
Feb 26- Trier, Germany @ Lucky's Luke (W/ Joe Mcmahon FULL BAND!)
Feb 28- Zurich, Switzerland @ Dynamo (W/ Joe Mcmahon FULL BAND!)
Mar 1- Koblenz, Germany @ Circus Maximus (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
Mar 2- Bremen, Germany @ Tower music Club
Mar 3- Munchen, Germany @ Kranhalle
Mar 4- Nuremberg, Germany @ Zentralcafe (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
Mar 5- Stuttgart, Germany @ 1210
Mar 6- Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachtof (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
Mar 7- Leipzig, Germany @ Werk 2 (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
Mar 8- Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
Mar 10- Kiel, Germany @ Hansa 48 (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
Mar 11- Berlin, Germany @ Casiopeia (W/ Joe Mcmahon)
He released his new solo album Another Life. Another Life on September 2, 2016 through Smartpunk Records (U.S) and Gunner Records. (Europe)