PREMIERE: The Darling Fire share powerful cover of Fugazi's 'Reclamation'
PREMIERE: The Darling Fire share powerful cover of Fugazi’s ‘Reclamation’
Friday, August 6, 2021 - 09:06
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We are very excited to share The Darling Fire’s cover of the Fugazi song ‘Reclamation,’ which is taken off the upcoming Fugazi tribute album ‘Silence Is A Dangerous Sound,’ out Oct 1 on Ripcord Records. Proceeds from the effort will be donated to Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland. Check out the full tracklisting below or head over to for more info.

‘Reclamation’ was originally released on Fugazi’s 1991 album ‘Steady Diet Of Nothing,’ of which Guy Picciotto has said that "there was a flatness to both the performances and the sound that was weird to us." No flatness whatsoever can be found in The Darling Fire’s take on the song, which not only bristles with a restless energy but also still serves as a battle cry for personal freedom, something that is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago.

“Fugazi’s “Reclamation” strikes a chord for so many reasons,” says The Darling Fire vocalist Jolie Lindholm. “During these strange times when the future is and has been so uncertain, I think it’s important to be vocal about what we want and are going to continue to allow. Many of us have let a lot of things go on too long and we should recognize the power each of us have within ourselves.”

The Darling Fire was born of both deep struggle and deeper friendship, following years of individual success in bands such as The Rocking Horse Winner, Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional, Poison The Well, Shai Hulud, As Friends Rust, and Strongarm among others. Together, the Florida-based five-piece managed to flawlessly combine fuzzed out riffs, introspective lyrics, warm melodies and a brooding atmosphere on their 2019 debut album ‘Dark Celebration’ and are now ready to get back at it. They recently announced signing to Iodine Recordings and are in the studio right now recording their sophomore album with none other than Jay Maas. Follow the band on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date.



Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi tracklist:


  1. Authority Zero - Bad Mouth
  2. The Darling Fire - Reclamation
  3. Dowsing - KYEO
  4. Belvedere - Styrofoam
  5. The Last Gang - Blueprint
  6. Shai Hulud - Great Cop
  7. Crazy Arm - Epic Problem
  8. Batteries - Target
  9. Teenage Halloween - Reprovisional
  10. La Dispute - Strangelight
  11. Tsunami Bomb - Walken's Syndrome
  12. Taking Meds - Burning
  13. USA Nails - Caustic Acrostic
  14. Haggard Cat - Life and Limb
  15. Direct Hit - Burning Too
  16. Pet Symmetry - Public Witness Program
  17. Glass Bones - Place Position
  18. Chamberlain - Runaway Return
  19. Viva Belgrado - Repeater
  20. Frauds - Cashout
  21. Seas, Starry - Brendan #1
  22. Couch Slut - Full Disclosure


  1. Failure - Waiting Room
  2. Nathan Gray - Bed For The Scraping
  3. GILT - No Surprise
  4. Swain - The Argument
  5. The Hostiles - Turnover
  6. This Is Hell - Sieve-Fisted Find
  7. Into It. Over It. - Instrument
  8. LIFE - And The Same
  9. Big Ups - Do You Like Me
  10. ZAO - Guilford Fall
  11. Jonah Matranga - Suggestion
  12. Heart Attack Man - Bulldog Front
  13. Sounds Of Swami - Merchandise
  14. ST Manville - Long Division
  15. Bodega - Provisional
  16. Braidedveins - Oh
  17. Stormo{O} - Break
  18. Wojtek - Fell, Destroyed
  19. West Thebarton - Margin Walker
  20. Snapped Ankles - Give Me The Cure
  21. Before Stories - Dear Justice Letter