PREMIERE: Blind Man Death Stare share video for 'Just Because It Feels Good'
PREMIERE: Blind Man Death Stare release 'Just Because It Feels Good' single
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 07:46
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One of the hardest working DIY punk bands in Australia Blind Man Death Stare (BMDS) are releasing the new single 'Just Because It Feels Good' (Spotify) on Friday 22nd February and we have the video to prove it! You can check that out below.

About the video:

"'Just Because It Feels Good' is a testament to acceptance, tolerance and equality. With this video we aimed to capture the general positivity of this message while doing something good for our community, which eventuated in us handing out food, beer and flowers to the homeless (and a few passers by). Just because it feels good."

The song is taken off the band's brand new album 'Comin in Hot,' which will be out March 15. Recorded by Jay Whalley (of Frenzal Rhomb fame) and Dan Antix at Def Wolf Studios and produced by Tim Maxwell (Loser, Apart From This), the album is another chapter in the relentless and seemingly unstoppable charge of punk rock juggernaut BMDS. The release will be supported by extensive UK/Euro and Australian touring. Check below for all the dates.



18/03 - Banshee Labryinth, Edinburgh, Scotland
20/03 - The Bloc, Glasgow, Scotland
21/03 - Old Town House, Warrington, England
22/03 - The Peer Hat, Manchester, England
23/03 - Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, England
24/03 - Broken Arrow Fest, Hastings, England
26/03 - The Black Heart, Camden, England
27/03 - Rough Trade Records, Bristol, England
27/03 - The Trap, Bristol, England
28/03 - Le Pub, Newport, Wales
29/03 - The Croft, Bristol, England
30/03 - Redrum, Stafford, England
31/03 - Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth, England
05/04 - Asta, Rosenheim, Germany
06/04 - The Glock, Munich, Germany
07/04 - El Beledia, Burgdorf, Switzerland
08/04 - Dynamo, Zurich, Switzerland
09/04 - Elastic Bar, Strasbourg, France
10/04 - TBC, Paris, France
11/04 - Wild at Heart, Berlin, Germany
12/04 - Lola, Groningen, Netherlands
13/04 - The Cave, Amsterdam, Netherlands
18/04 - Sto, Liepzig, Germany
19/04 - Cafe Nefast, Bree, Belgium
20/04 - Rattenloch, Schwerte, Germany