Pas De Chance (BE) premiere first single 'The Ocean'
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 18:46
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People who think that there are no good new bands popping up in the Belgian scene are dead wrong. The next generation is here and ready to take over. Well... NEXT generation… Hailing from legendary bands as The Headshots, Teenage Lust and Dead Zero, these dudes have already proven more than their stripes. We proudly introduce Bearded Punk Records latest signing: Pas de Chance. If you think a musical love baby between the likes of Rancid, Banner Pilot and Dead To Me would be the raddest thing ever, we urge you to head below for the premiere of PDC’s very first single ‘The Ocean’.

'Take me to see the Ocean and win my heart' was one of the first things my girlfriend ever told me. So the Ocean has a personal meaning, I guess. We wrote all the songs with the intention that they would fall into place on a long drive on a lonely highway. The Ocean has that vibe to us and we hope it moves someone out there too!'

Pas De Chance will be celebrating the release of their debut EP on the 6th of January with Sunpower, 458 & Radio Shotgun in JC Horizont the Meerhout! All info can be found here!