Eat Defeat share new single 'Nothing's Wrong'
Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 10:41
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Leeds punks Eat Defeat share the second single 'Nothing's Wrong', taken from the bands new album, 'I Think We'll Be OK', set for an August 3rd release through Bearded Punk Records.

Speaking on the single, vocalist Andrew Summers said "It's a really upbeat, fun pop-punk song with a goofy guitar solo and extra bleak emotional lyrics over the top of it. It's one of the songs on the album I'll listen to and genuinely get a bit upset thinking about it." He continues, "The song is about having to talk someone down off of a ledge when you're in a completely different timezone to them and just how much that can really fuck both of you up. It's an underlying theme on the album, distance and dealing with loneliness and depression and lyrically this really sums that all up."

2 years in the making, 'I Think We'll Be Ok' details the highs and lows of a life lived on your own terms; the freedom that comes with the realisation that you are in control of your own destiny mirrored with the existenstial dread that realisation entails. It's about finding the positives amongst the negative and reassuring yourself that life gets better. It's about light and dark, night and day and coping with relationships divided by timezones. It's about accepting that it's alright to not be alright.

Recorded during the spring of 2018 at The Nave studios in Leeds with producer Andy Hawkins, 'I Think We'll Be Ok' was a concerted effort to try and retain the hooks and the energy of the previous offering whilst bringing in new ideas and production techniques to push the bands sound forward. As a result, the album is more evenly paced than it's predecessor but densely layered, bringing in keyboards and synth sounds to make for a more varied and considered collection of songs.