Paper + Plastick to release The Bennies’ “Wisdom Machine” in North American and UK
Friday, February 12, 2016 - 22:04
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The highly anticipated follow up to 2013’s “Rainbows In Space”, “Wisdom Machine” is 11 tracks of fuel for the soul.

The band has already launched pre-orders in Australia (Poison City Records) and in Europe (Uncle M), and now P+P is joining the party!

Recorded at Holes And Corners in South Melbourne with Sam Johnson and released through Poison City Records, the album is spearheaded by ‘Party Machine’, a song that almost wasn’t to be. Written three days before the band entered the studio and inspired by their time at Psyfari – a trance camping festival three hours out of Sydney, the “disgusting-party-banger,” as singer Anty Horgan jokingly puts it, became an instant fan favourite.

According to the press release, “Wisdom Machine” is far more than just party anthems however and sees The Bennies explore new directions; from the politically charged Sabbath inspired ‘Corruption’, to the personal, seven-minute epic ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ Delving deeper into their collective influences, Wisdom Machine is boldly ambitious, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from the four piece. Not only does the sound of Wisdom Machine venture into new grounds aurally, but visually we see a psychedelic journey being realised through the artwork. The artwork is a collaboration between Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band) and Geoffrey Horgan (Anty’s dad). Testament to their ability to merge genres, 2015 saw the band continue to win over new audiences, this time at festivals including Golden Plains, Soundwave and Falls. There was also their viral Like A Version performance of TISM’s '(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River‘ which erupted across the Internet.


1 - Heavy Reggae
2 - Party Machine
3 - Maybe We Could Get High *feat. Jay Whalley from Frenzal Rhomb
4 - Legalise (But Don't Tax)
5 - Detroit Rock Ciggies
6 - Party Till I Die (Or Die Trying)
7 - Burnout City
8 - Corruption
9 - West Memphis Three Paper
10 - Turning Around *feat. Ezra Kire from Morning Glory NYC
11 - O Brother, Where Art Thou?