NOFX share new music video for 'The Big Drag'
NOFX share new music video for 'The Big Drag'
Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 14:19
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Many people binge-watched movies, baking shows, and organized their closets during COVID, but not the “Mad Twins,” Olga and Vira Ishchuk! They hunkered down in the Ukraine and spent months animating a brand new NOFX video for “The Big Drag!” The song is lifted off their latest full-length, Single Album. Check out what Fat Mike had to say, and watch the video below.


I’m more excited than….. a very excited person would be about this video! Why? Firstly because I didn’t have to do anything but write the song. I asked the Mad Twins from the Ukraine to choose a song from our album to make a video for. They said it would have to be “The Big Drag.” They wanted something very dark…. They wrote the treatment for it and I was blown away. It’s nothing that I would have ever thought of. Well, I threw in a couple things. They said it would take them 6 months of working 10 hours a day to finish it…. They also said it sucks balls to live in the Ukraine during Covid in the winter. Well, they finished it in 5 months!!!! And wow!!!!! They fucking killed!!!   Thank you Olga and Vira! You’re amazing!