Bad Cop/Bad Cop release new single 'Shattered'
Bad Cop/Bad Cop release new single 'Shattered'
Wednesday, August 2, 2023 - 08:50
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Bad Cop/Bad Cop's newest single, "Shattered," is now available on all digital platforms. This powerful track was recorded at The Compound in Signal Hill, CA, by Anthony "Antoine" Arvizu and produced by the talented "Migs." Chris Hesse mixed and mastered the track. The striking artwork for the single was created by the adept Paul “Zombiteeth” Smith. This song marks the debut of Alex Windsor on guitar, and you can catch them on tour in Europe this month! Check out what vocalist/guitarist Stacey Dee had to say about "Shattered" below:

"Shattered" is a song I wrote after seeing a good friend post on the internet about how he was really struggling in life. It compelled me to grab my guitar in an attempt to reach out to those I see hurting every day. I know that life gets hard and can be brutal, but it is also wonderful and beautiful when we are able to open our eyes and see it. I empathize with those having a hard time. I've been there, but I also now have a perspective that allows me to live my life no matter what. I want that for everyone! "Shattered" is a love letter to the folks in the world that are suffering to let them know they are loved and not alone!"