New punk/hardcore podcast End Transmission launches
Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 07:54
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Our friends over at Wiretap Records started a new punk/hardcore podcast! End Transmission is a new bi-weekly show featuring current tracks from the world of independent punk, hardcore, pop punk, emo, and more.
Rob Castellon about End Transmission: “There’s a lot of great podcasts out now like 100 Words or Less, Washed Up Emo, Turned Out A Punk, Going Off Track, that do some amazing things with interviews/news and such in the world of independent punk, but not enough new music shows. Or at least not enough. We’ve been doing the new music compilations for over 2 years now on our Bandcamp, and people have told me on numerous occasions, that I should start a podcast. So why the fuck not? “
Head over to to check it out. Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.