Mean Jeans' Andrew Bassett releases new 7" as The Hound Of Love
Mean Jeans' Andrew Bassett releases new 7" as The Hound Of Love
Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 11:33
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Andrew Bassett of The Mean Jeans' alter ego The Hound of Love is back with his first record in 5 years.  The record is put out by Drunk Dial Records, who challenge artists to go into the studio, get drunk, write and record an original song, and then record a classic cover.  For the 4th installment of the Drunk Dial 7" singles series, The Hound of Love covers the Rancid classic 'Journey to the End of the East Bay' along with the original synth pop gem named 'Comin' Thru'.

On why he picked the Rancid song:

"Mean Jeans were on tour in Denmark years ago and I found one of those tiny iPod nano things buried in some dirt and grass in a courtyard somewhere. Plugged it in once we got in the van and it turned on, so I checked out what was on there. There was a bunch of hilarious stuff, but this band Scooter was the definite highlight. The most absurd techno music with totally over the top German-accent broken-English vocals and fake overdubbed rave crowd noises etc. For years after that I would put on Scooter in the van to ‘get in the zone.’  So recently I was researching Scooter and found out that some of the members used to be in a synth-pop band in the 80s called Celebrate the Nun. I downloaded one of their albums out of curiosity at the airport before I was boarding a flight. As we were taking off a song called "Cry No More" came on. Quickly I realized it was the same chords (what I call the ‘forbidden chord progression,’ used on 10 billion songs, and at least 5 other songs on And Out Come the Wolves) as ‘Journey to the End of the East Bay’ and I started singing along in my head. It cracked me up so much that I made a mental note of it: ‘I should do a Rancid cover in this style.’ Not long later when Jordan from Drunk Dial hit me up and said he wanted one cover song and one original song for a 7", I thought, ‘perfect.’ If you listen to that ‘Cry No More’ song you can hear the direct influence."

Stream the songs below or buy your copy over at Green Noise Records!