MakeWar surprise release new 4-song EP
MakeWar surprise release new 4-song EP
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 00:17
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MakeWar are back with a new surprise EP, titled 'Stay,' and it’s out now! The four songs are lifted from the 'Get It Together' recording session, with two being directly from GIT, and two are unreleased outtakes.


 Here's what vocalist/guitarist Jose Prieto had to say about lead single, "Stay":


Stay is a song about my dog Bruno. Bruno was the best dog. Well…he was the worst puppy and then he became the best dog. I had bruno from when he was born until he was 3 years old. I took Bruno to my parent's house in Venezuela when I moved from Florida to New York. I can't have a dog in New York city, I thought. Well, it turns out I could have brought Bruno to New York with me but when I went to get him my parents wouldn’t let him go. They had fallen in love with Bruno and said I couldn't take him away from them. Bruno and I started growing apart. We used to facetime every now and then. When I visited my parents Bruno was there but everytime I left I felt that he was disappointed that I didn't take him with me. Bruno passed about 3 years ago from stomach cancer. We had one last facetime session right before he died and Stay is about that conversation that day. We talked about playing catch one last time and how much I wanted to show him New York.


Also the song has my friend Vinnie Caruana (I am the avalanche / Movielife) singing all the “dog” parts.