The Hussy share new single 'Sorry'
The Hussy share new single 'Sorry'
Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 11:14
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The Hussy shared their new single 'Sorry,' taken off the band's upcoming album 'Looming,' which will be out Sep 27 via Dirtnap Records.

At the end of 2018 The Hussy started tracking their new LP, Looming, the follow-up to their fifth studio album, Galore (2015 - Southpaw Records). Galore saw the band move into a more focused direction with earnest mid-fi production and added arrangements, while still keeping true to Bobby and Heather's knack for writing consistently catchy pop morsels. Looming takes the band in a decidedly dismal and defiantly dark direction. It tackles topics such as death, sudden loss, divorce, addiction and these politically depressing times we live in. The record is 16 tracks of trash-pop that run the entire gamut of punk-rock-n-roll. There are spacey leads, heavy sonics, slicing rhythms and generally gnarly sounds all tucked beneath The Hussy's patented blanket of hook. This is the "new" heavier three-piece version of The Hussy, but the band hasn't lost any of it's knack for a sugar sweet melodies.