Martha shares 'Heart Is Healing' single
Martha shares 'Heart Is Healing' single
Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 16:26
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'Heart Is Healing' is the new single from County Durham UK indie-punk heroes Martha. The band announced the new single with the below message...

"Seasons Greetings friends! Sorry that we've been a bit quiet lately, we're gonna have some news to share very soon. In the mean time we wanted to let you know that we're officially working with Big Scary Monsters and Dirtnap and we're incredibly chuffed about it! We also wanted to give you a present to maybe warm you up a bit - tis the season after all - so here's a new song and a video we made to go with it. It's called 'Heart is Healing'. Hope you like it, but if not, don't worry, you can always re-gift it next year. It's better for the environment anyway. See you in twenty nineteen! Love Martha <3 PS: The best present we could possibly ask for this year would be for us all to unite and seize the means of production. Failing that we'll have a Nintendo Switch."

Since the release of their acclaimed 2016 album Blisters in the Pit of my Heart, Martha have toured the UK and US alongside friends Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor and Radiator Hospital. 2019 is set to be the biggest year in Martha's history, with more news expected from the band imminently...

'Heart Is Healing' is available now via Dirtnap (N. America) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/ROW).